6 things to know before installing solar

There are 6 things to know before installing solar. These points are to guide you on your decision on what you intend deriving upon installation.

Technological advancement has paved the way for various alternate means of power generation. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of power.

This power that is gotten from the sun is utilized by making use of solar panels. Solar panels are basic tools in the actualization of solar energy. It is through the panel that energy rays from the sun are transmitted for the generation of electricity.

As earlier mentioned, there are very important things to know before installing solar that can help determine its efficiency. These things are listed just below:


Weather conditions vary from place to place. Some parts of the world may experience cold raining conditions than others. The average intensity of sunlight received in a place can affect the productivity of solar. Logically it wouldn’t be expected that the efficiency of solar power in a place with low sunshine would be fully effective.

With proper research or consultation, a record of weather audit will help to determine the possibilities of a full solar operation.


Your roofing also has a role to play on the possibilities of installing solar. Roofs are constructed differently, so also are the materials used in making them.

Due consideration needs to be taken before installing solar. It is important to note how much sunlight is received, the materials the roofs are made of and how soon you might change the roof. It wouldn’t be advisable to install solar when you may likely change the roof.

The position of the roof determines the level of sunlight. If upon discovery that the roof is not suitable to accommodate solar panel, other means may be suggested. You can choose to make use of the roof of your carport to place solar panels.


It wouldn’t be reasonable to install solar without first having an estimate on your present power use and expected output on solar. Embarking on an energy audit will help determine your expectations from solar.

If there is any form of power usage reduction that needs to be made, the audit will assist in clarifying such. This can also be applied to upgrade as well. In the end, what suits you most will be considered before installation.


Installing solar is a delicate action. It requires one with experience. For you to install solar, utmost consideration should be on who to install. There are numerous technicians or engineers who claim to be highly skilled, but the safest way is to deal with a recognizable firm.

Ideally, you should hire an installer that can offer maintenance service. This will aid in the use of your system, especially if there is a warranty attached to it. Dealing with electrical materials is no small fit and shouldn’t be handled by someone with less experience.


Some solar energy firms offer diverse means of installation plans. This is done in consideration of the financial capabilities intended user. You could either pay for outright ownership of the solar panels and other materials used, or it is leased to you.

The leasing plan will be arranged by the firm and agreed upon by both the user and the solar energy company. Whatever is agreed in the contract should be satisfactory to the user within means.


Just before installing solar, it is expected that you carefully go through the contract offered to you. Your required energy output should be clearly stated. All the details involving the solar installation should be noted and inspected upon completion.

Solar energy is gaining worldwide recognition as a valuable alternative means of power. Though it may come at a high price at the initial stage of installing, it will certainly end up being profitable.

Our team of consultant is stationed to assist you if there is any information required as to how you can go about installing solar. At your request, we can provide you a free quote for your consideration.

Reference: www.greentumble.com

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