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Tecnergy Power Solutions is a top solar energy company in Nigeria, offering sustainable solutions in solving the power deficit in Nigeria.

As a major player in the renewable energy sector in Nigeria, Tecnergy provides genuinely professional service, with a specialization in solar energy installation.

Our products are built for long-lasting durability, which may span up to 5 – 6 years. We are partners with major importers of inverters, batteries, solar panels, etc. These products which are duly verified, are directly from manufacturers.

Our nearest future aim is to be able to produce these same products and fully branded by Tecnergy, which will give our esteemed customers the reassurance of genuineness of service.

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Some of the challenges people face in this part of the world when pondering on installing solar are the authenticity and genuineness of products, at Tecnergy, we go an extra mile in reassuring our customers of best professional practice, by given detailed guidelines on the totality on what solar energy entails.

We give detailed audits and explain to you on how you can maximize the best use of your solar energy system, before and after installation. We make sure that you are properly guided so as not to over load power the required capacity of your inverter and not to overstrain the durability of the batteries.

As a reliable solar energy company in Nigeria, we envision a country fully taking advantage of the numerous benefits of making use of solar energy. Some of these benefits which are worthy of note include solar power being noiseless, it is eco-friendly and carbon-free, durable, save cost on electricity bills, and it helps in adding value to your property in terms of real estate.

All over the world, most especially in technologically advanced countries, solar energy plays a huge role in generating power for domestic and commercial use. So many people are basically reliant on solar energy as a source of power. This same solar energy transmits power to the grid and can serve as a source of income to landlords.

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