This 3.5Kva/24V Solar Backup Installation is adequately equipped to solve all your energy needs and ensure you are never out of power.

It promises to supply 24-hour power to your homes, schools, restaurants, hospitals, offices, hotels, farmhouses, worship centers, petrol stations, clubs, etc.

We offer you a warranty cover to show our commitment to ensuring you get the best service.


  • 3.5Kva/24V Inverter
  • Six (300W) mono solar panels
  • Two (220Amps) tubular batteries
  • One 40Ah MPPT charge controller
  • Battery rack and cabling
  • Logistics and installation

Load Capacity

  • 2 LED TVs
  • 4 fans
  • Laptops
  • Blender
  • Sound system
  • DSTV decoder
  • 10 energy-saving bulbs
  • 1 washing machine (daytime use)
  • 1 refrigerator (10hrs/day)
  • 1 pumping machine (daytime use)

Cost for 3.5Kva/24V Solar Backup Installation

Inverter System (Without solar panels) = N632, 000

Solar System (with six mono panels) = N1, 052, 000

Note: To make good use of this system, it is advisable to power only one big appliance at a time. You may need to turn off your refrigerator if you have to power your pumping or washing machine by the duration of time it is used.

You are assured of 10 hours of refrigerating time every day, as we shall install a timer to your fridge/freezer that works independently with the solar system and works only at the stipulated time frame.

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