How to Access Finance for Solar Backup

Are you wondering how to access finance for solar backup system? Have you recently considered the possibility of installing an energy backup system that can guarantee you 24 hours power supply, but you find yourself unable to due to financial constraints?

Are you in a position where your business needs a sustainable power supply, but you are tied down to so many financial commitments that keep you away from installing a solar system?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. Tecnergy Power Solutions, in partnership with Sterling Bank, presents to you a reliable and fast means for you to access funds to finance your solar and any project contracted to us.

The best part of this is that you can apply online from the comfort of your home or office. Pay with Specte, which is powered by Sterling Bank, is an online lending platform that ensures quick access to loans for payment of goods and services.

With no requirements for collateral and down payments, you can get the facility to finance your solar project without a visit to the bank.

All that is required for you is to have access to the internet, a mobile phone, tab, or laptop. You log on to to begin your application process.

You log on to and register. The first step is to make certain documents and information available which will be required for you to tender through online uploads.

1) Scanned copy of your passport photo

2) Scanned copy of your valid means of identification (voter’s card, driver’s license, national ID or international passport).

3) Scanned copy of your utility bill (PHCN or LAWMA).

4) Scanned copy of your signature on a plain white paper

5) Your BVN

6) Two scanned copies of references from any bank with a current account. (You wouldn’t need this if you have a Sterling Bank current account already).

7) Six months statement of account ( The system will be able to generate your bank statement in the process of applying, but if you bank with Zenith Bank or GTB, you will have to request from your respective bank or download their apps on your phone so that you can generate your bank statement)

Upon successful registration, you will be given a Specte ID number and notified of how much credit can be given to you. You also get to see a monthly calculation of your repayment.

After you must have been profiled and met all that is required of you, you will be credited by the bank, but the platform doesn’t enable applicants to cash the money so you will have to refer back to the merchant (Tecnergy Power Solutions) and provide us with your Specte ID.

Through our Merchant dashboard, we will activate your Specte ID, and then funds will be transferred to us which will enable us to install your desired backup system.

The interest rate is 24% on principal and could be 0% if you complete payment within the first three months. You can access up to 2m for a personal loan. The repayment duration is 12 months (1 Year).

Note: You will be charged a bank fee of 3.5% which covers insurance 2.5% and a management fee of 1%. These fees will be deducted from the total sum to be disbursed for the solar project financing.

For further details, you may reach us via mobile/WhatsApp 09061600036 or email us at